The Archie Early Story



A great story of a boy growing up against all odds to make it in the big time. He was born in a small town, moved to a smaller town and enjoyed success at an early age. By junior high he was being bullied daily and not enjoying success at his craft. Early days of High school came and he was just floating along. By mid-high school he was beginning to show his potential. Junior and Senior year saw his stock rise but only after a little bit of hardship. The kid began to only count on himself and began to turn away people who could help him later. The 1st part of a 3 book series that will in the 2nd book detail his college life. The 3rd book will detail his professional career in a world he was not ready for as a man. Many details of his friendships, mentors, family members, coaches and women will be detailed in the 3 book series.

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